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Passionate About Helping Others

Hi there, I'm Karolina!

Ever since I was a kid, I was passionate about helping and understanding others. No matter if it was giving extra classes to other students, or being a self-proclaimed psychologist to my childhood friends, I wanted to support people in growing in different spheres of their lives.

Little did I know that my childhood dreams would actually become my bread and butter. I get to support aspiring leaders to grow in their position, as well as support team development.

I have been honored to coach people from a mixed platter of backgrounds, including corporate professionals, artists, students, etc., to support them in reaching their goals and creating a life on their own terms. Using solution-oriented coaching techniques, and certified by Erickson Coaching, I have been navigating my clients towards professional and personal development.


  • Erickson College Life Coaching Certification (2016)


  • Master's in Psychology at the University of Warsaw (2012)

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