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Career coaching

There is no lying about it; most of us spend the majority of our day-to-day at work. Having a career aligned with our personal values and vision can make the time spent at work every day feel much more meaningful. This is where career coaching can help.

May it be to support you in defining your path, guiding you through your job search, or helping you advance in your profession, coaching gives you space to self-reflect and accelerate your own career journey.  

Defining your path

Especially in current times, often we find ourselves overwhelmed by the possibilities our world has to offer. This makes defining our career path ever more difficult. Together we will look deeper to understand what drives and interests you, and how it can be translated to create the career path on your own terms.

Presenting your path

Having clarity of your career path is the defining stage of the journey. The next step is translating this message into your personal elevator pitch that you could use in any marketing materials or social situations.

Your path in a CV

Together we will work on customizing your CV to bring your message across also in your curriculum, making it pop for your future employers.

Presenting yourself in an interview

One of the skills that career coaching with help you develop is interviewing. Together we will tailor questions that you could hear in an interview and we will ensure that your answer gets the message across.


Getting your message across is key, however, your pitch also needs to reach the right audience. Together we will define your stakeholder ecosystem and tailor the messaging to speak to each one of the different audiences.

What Our Clients Say


Kathrin, Communication Specialist

Karo has been an invaluable part of my job search after finishing my Master. In short time, she has helped me find my red line in my CV, professionalise my LinkedIn profile and prepare me for many interviews. Even more importantly, she has helped me regain confidence and self-awareness, and maintain a high level of motivation. Every session was well prepared and a success, given her trustworthy, analytical and empathic personality. I give her my highest recommendation and have already forwarded friends and family members to her.

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