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Coaching to strengthen your leadership capabilities

Team Meeting
Team Meeting

role transition

The first steps in a leadership position can be challenging. New responsibilities, different skills, change of scope of work, and the tangibility of impact.


Through personalized coaching sessions you will get clarity on what kind of leader you want to be and how you want to take your team along on this journey.

TEAM Culture

Building a successful team is about more than finding a group of people with the right mix of professional skills. 

It is about three main elements: trust, purpose, and creating an environment where people are positively motivated.


In our personalised coaching sessions we will explore how you as a leader can shape a great team culture.

Team Meeting
Business Meeting

Leadership skills

What makes effective leaders? There are plenty of skills that research associates with great leadership. Self-awareness, self-organization, communication, feedback, and coaching skills, and many more.

Together, we will zoom into the challenges you are facing and strengthen your leadership skillset to help you drive your team's performance.


Rob, Director of Data

When I began building my team at TripActions in 2019, I promoted a number of first time managers to take on team leadership roles. I asked Karo to help me put together a training program to develop a program which would enable them to be effective in all aspects of their roles: as managers, as leaders, and as coaches. She built something incredible for the Amsterdam Data and Engineering teams, something which didn't just empower and develop our new managers but made the existing ones (myself included) far better at our roles. The strength of our team's management today is due to Karo's training and coaching capabilities.

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